UPS Bus Accident in Laredo Injures Many

UPS Bus Accident in Laredo Injures Many by Texas Bus Accident Lawyer

Major accidents involving large Motorcoach/Busses seem to be on the rise.  Motorcoach accidents have been widely publicized in recent years.  According to the Dallas Morning News, “In 2007, a bus carrying an Ohio college baseball team crashed in Atlanta and killed seven people. Last year, a crash near Sherman, Texas that killed 17 people and injured 40, galvanized the Texas congressional support for bus safety legislation.” Recently, NHTSA “released its Motorcoach Safety Action Plan which lays out concrete steps for improving motorcoach safety across the board. has discussed bus accidents in depth.

A recent accident involving a UPS truck and a bus has led to serious injuries to many. reports:

A passenger bus crashes fifty miles out of Laredo, sending dozens of people to the hospital.  The incident ocurred at mile marker 56 on highway I-35 about three this morning.  According to reports, a passenger bus traveling south bound on I-35 was hit by a UPS tractor trailer from behind.  The bus spun out of control and the UPS truck ended up in the north bound lane of the highway.  A second tractor trailer that was traveling north bound on the highway collided with the back of the UPS truck.  Both truck drivers were taken to the hospital.  There were 25 passengers inside the bus. Three of them were airlifted and the rest were taken to area hospitals.  DPS is now investigating this accident.  We will have more information as it becomes available. reports:

Officials are investigating a 3-vehicle accident that happened near Cotulla early Thursday.  Reports say emergency crews were called to Interstate 35 near Mile Marker 56 around 4:15 a.m. for a collision involving an 18-wheeler, a UPS truck, and a passenger bus from Mexico.  Sources told News 4 WOAI the driver of a passenger bus headed to Mexico pulled over to check out a possible problem. That driver then got back into the bus and was pulling into the traveling lane when it was hit from behind by a UPS truck. The impact caused the bus to spin out of control and roll onto its side. The UPS truck also spun out and ended up in the opposite lanes, where it was clipped by an oncoming 18-wheeler.  An officer at the scene stated the UPS truck ended up ‘split open like a beer can.’  At least 5 ambulances from Bexar County were dispatched to the accident site, and emergency crews from nearby towns also responded. One official told News 4 WOAI the most serious injuries were broken bones. KGNS in Laredo stated that 3 victims were airlifted to hospitals. The extent of their injuries and conditions were not known.  An ambulance company reported transporting a total of 4 patients. Three of the patients were taken to Southwest General Hospital. One was taken to Willford Hall. All of the patients were stable condition.  According an AirLife spokesperson, four people were taken to University Hospital by helicopter. Two were tranported by AirLife. Two others were taken by other medical air transport services. The accident happened on Interstate 35 near Cotulla. reports:

Passengers Injured in Bus Crash Near Cotulla:  Three people are left seriously injured after a major accident involving two big rigs and a bus just outside of Cotulla. The wreck happened just after 3 a.m. this morning in La Salle County near Mile Marker 53 on I-35. DPS officials say a UPS tractor pulling two trailers slammed into a bus that had just turned onto southbound I-35. Officials say the bus spun out and landed on its side, while the UPS truck veered into the northbound lanes and slammed head-on into a big rig. Three people were airlifted to area hospitals, including here in San Antonio. Officials say no one has been charged, but it is an ongoing investigation. reports:

According to KGNS-TV in Laredo, the critically injured were airlifted to hospitals. Other victims were transported to hospitals by ground ambulances.  The bus driver of Turimex had pulled over to the side of Interstate 35 South near Mile Marker 56 near Cotulla at 3:30 a.m. when he was hit by a UPS tractor-trailer rig when he re-entered the highway, KGNS-TV reported. The bus spun out of control and the UPS rig veered into the northbound lanes where it was hit by another 18-wheeler.  About 25 passengers were in the bus at the time. It wasn’t immediately known who the critically injured were.

Our firm has been honored to represent many victims of bus accidents and 18-wheeler accidents.  If someone you know was injured or killed as the result of a motor coach, RV, or bus accident, encourage them to immediately contact a competent attorney for advice. It is extremely important to do this quickly to ensure that evidence is preserved, statements are taken, and the rights of all potential plaintiffs are protected.

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